History and legend, western civilisation and Christian culture, ancient highways and sunny hills.

This is Lazio, where everything is in its place. Always. Kissed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and traversed by the waters of the Tevere River that has blessed its development, Lazio is distinguished through its location between hills and mountains.

The Lazio countryside stands out for its warm and intense, almost pastel colours. Here, the quiet tranquillity balances the frenzy of the big cities.

Viterbo is at the centre of the Lazio Maremma (swampy coastal area) and the land rises gradually up to the summit of Mount Cimino, to then join the Tivere River, and then the Mediterranean scrub that comes before the sandy shoreline.

The land of the province of Rieti, on the other hand, is more varied: it stands out for its 11 lakes and its nature reserves.

The province of Latina is situated at the centre of the Pontino Agro, a result of the sheer hard work of reclamation; here we find mountains, plains and rivers.

Frosinone provides Lazio with the area of Ciociaria, the birth region of Cicerone. It is also home to a huge number of abbeys and places of worship, and is wild and rich in natural beauty.

Lazio is also a spa region and the ancients exploited this by building sumptuous baths: the ruins that remain are impressive, such as the Baths of Caracalla in the heart of Rome.

Or Tivoli, which is a spa town that boasts monumental villas of incomparable artistic beauty: Villa D’Este, with its magnificent fountain, gardens and palace, and Villa Adriana, which used to be the residence of Emperor Adriano. The two villas have been placed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Holiday resorts were and still are the Castelli Romani, a set of villages and towns on the Albani Hills, a short distance from Rome. Beyond the villas, the ancient ruins and the breath-taking views, the Castelli Romani are renowned for the cuisine and the white wine produced in this area.

The lakes are of volcanic origin, such as the Lake of Bolsena, the largest lake in Europe of this kind, and the Lake of Bracciano. Etruscans and Romans noticed straight away the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the nature in these places, leaving many visible signs of their presence.

And finally, the coast with its sandy beaches and local nightlife: Gaeta, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Terracina and Sperlonga. Without forgetting the Pontine islands, of which Ponza and Ventotene are the only ones that are inhabited, they are a real paradise for divers.

Then there’s Rome, but that’s another place entirely...

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