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Torino - S. Stefano Belbo - Canelli - S. Martino Alfieri - Magliano Alfieri - Asti - Alba - Torino.
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Turin is a city of culture: International Book Fair and Museum of Cinema are the natural outcomes of this city passion.
But whole Piedmont usually promotes the best Italian literary ferments, as if they were also legitimate incomes from land and hill, from sugar and acid, from grape and oxygen: excellence, however.

We focus our interest on three personalities. And we travel between their roots . Between senses and Word.
Cesare Pavese (1908-1950), adopted by the Turin’s intelligence, suffered almost disarmed the call back. To a country (S. Stefano Belbo) that " is four cabins and a large mud." Among the places loved by Pavese and described in "The Moon and the Bonfires ", we breathe the air of Canelli, tipically down in the " underground cathedrals ", dedicated to the earthly god of wine.

Vittorio Alfieri (1749 - 1803) was born in Asti , but his destiny was to escape, crossing without stopping the whole of Europe. Often pain and lack make the talent vibrating: Asti and homesickness , melancholy of childhood and bitterness for separation, will partially motivate works, deeds and ideals of the tragedian.

Ion the contrary, Beppe Fenoglio (1922 - 1963) from Alba did not move hardly ever. And maybe he never wanted. His work, with its characteristic stylistic arabesque and frequent raids between English and Italian language, amalgams and pastes political ideals and rural origins, partisan action and peasant culture, suffering and work in the fields. Where the boundaries are clear-cut , with disenchantment and uncompromising. Through Alba, but also San Cassiano San Rocco Seno D' Elvi , Altavilla and Barbaresco, have a nostalgic, but grateful. look.

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