The seas and Maremma

8 days e 7 night
Hotel 4* Full board (drinks not included)
8 seater minibus; 15 seater minivan - Tour Leader
Itinerary: Grosseto - Roselle - Castiglione Della Pescaia - Isola del Giglio - Giannutri - Pitigliano - Sovana - Scansano - Massa Marittima - Roccastrada - Grosseto.
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We start from Grosseto, because it is here that the memory is kept and it is here that the day will be preserved when all has to end.
History (vestiges of the Medici) and faith (crucifix of Cimabue) so close to the sea, which is a vehicle of discovery. The sea is how it should be: blue and emerald, in Giannutri and Giglio. Roselle, 10km from Grosseto, preserves remains of the Etruscan and Roman period, but at a certain point in the marshy nature of the places development has stopped: no concrete, fewer people, zero pollution.
La Maremma is a untamed land, wide open spaces, forest foxes and wild boar grazing with the herd in the wild. Here the cowboy dominates, an almost mythological figure of the herdsman in harmony with his horse. To rest, one moves a little further in to see simple houses and streets dug in the tuff stone (Pitigliano, Sovana), one takes comfort however with spirits from the refined body (Morellino di Scansano).

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