Etruscan Land

8 days e 7 night
Hotel 4* Full board (drinks not included)
8 seater minibus; 15 seater minivan - Tour Leader
Itinerary: Florence - Carmignano - Arezzo - Cortona - Chiusi - Sarteano - Chianciano Terme - Sorano - Sovana - Pitigliano - Roselle - Massa Marittima - Populonia - Volterra - Florence.
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This journey take us to towns and villages founded by the primordial people of Tuscany, the Etruscans, who lived in Etruria (region contained between the Arno and Tevere Rivers) between the 9th and 3rd centuries BC.
A people without affinity, of language or customs with any ancient civilisation. We start with the monumental complex of Montefortini, with a remarkable museum and Etruscan tombs, to then arrive at Arezzo (where the “Chimera” was found, a well-known Etruscan bronze statue) and Cortona. Chiusi holds one of the most interesting painted tombs and the magnificent cánopi.
Chianciano Terme stands out for the remains of the pediment of the Temple of Fucoli and other numerous artefacts in the Archaeological Museum of the Waters, opening the doors to the tuff stone city and the necropolis that is preserved. The main types of burial, in a little well, a tomb or rocks are especially visible in Populonia. Roselle, however, provides evidence of the skill achieved by the Etruscans in the art of construction. Volterra preserves splendid urns and decorated coffins, in gold and bronze, also evidence of the artistic ability of the Etruscans.

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