Spiritual Panoramas

8 days e 7 night
Hotel 4* Full board (drinks not included)
8 seater minibus; 15 seater minivan - Tour Leader
Itinerary: Venice - Treviso - Conegliano - Follina - Feltre - Asiago - Monte Baldo - Verona - Vicenza - Padua - Venice.
Price on request

A land of solid, rocky, and secular faith, Venice stands out for a rich array of sanctuaries, churches, hermitages, convents and monasteries.

There are places of worship, scattered with almost scientific rigour all around the area, very often solitary, and of great importance for the Christian tradition. Places of prayer, where prayer and reflection seem to come about from the artistic and cultural beauty.

Venice, San Lazzaro of the Armeni and the Basilica della Madonna della Salute; Follina (in the province of Treviso) and the Abbey of Santa Maria; Feltre (in the province of Belluno) and the Sanctuary of the Saints Vittore and Corona of Monte Baldo; Padua and the Basilica of Sant’Antonio; Vicenza and the Sanctuary of Monte Berico. Often a challenge to and often in alliance with nature, the Venetian places of worship will be the features of a journey and a stretch of road that will certainly be seeds of important change.

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