Land of Bacchus

8 days e 7 night
Hotel 4* Full board (drinks not included)
8 seater minibus; 15 seater minivan - Tour Leader
Itinerary: Venice - Treviso - Conegliano - Bassano del Grappa - Asiago - Vicenza - Montebello Vicentino - Verona - Lago di Garda - Valpolicella - Isola della Scala - Montagnana - Padua - Venice.
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We take it as given that you will admire the architectural, artistic and natural beauty of the areas you visit.

But we will dedicate some specialised time to the tasting of Venetian delicacies, such as Valdobbiadene Prosecco, Trevisano chicory and rice, and Asiago cheese from the area of the same name. In Montebello Vicentino, heart of DOC wine Lessini Durello, you will be personally led to discover local production. You then enter the territory of Valpolicella, Armarone, Recioto and the other red wines of high esteem. You can stop in Bardolino, and experience the soft and magic atmosphere of Lake Garda. Here, in addition to famous wine, another jewel in the crown of agricultural production is oil: you will see that great attention is dedicated to the production of olives in this area. Rice is also a feature, and the Vialone Nano Veronese variation is distinguishable by the European mark I.G.P. (Indicazione Geographica Protetta). You will then encounter the prosciutto of Montagnana D.O.P. Finally, your experience of the culture of Venetian bacaro  (common restaurants where you can purchase a glass of wine with some tasty appetizers) will help you to understand that in Italy the pursuit of pleasure through good food is not a goal in itself. There is no point in eating and drinking well unless it is done in good company.

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