The heart of Italy, Umbria reservedly allows the curvilinear landscapes, the clean and contrasting horizons, the truly untouched nature, the genuine food, full-bodied wine and the frank and generous people to speak for themselves.

It is one of the few Italian regions not looking out over the sea. Perhaps it is for this reason that Umbria has so profoundly cultivated its artistic and spiritual side, the result of an inspired search more vertical more horizontal and of a conscious attachment to tradition, maintaining a certain distance from the temptations of the sea and of escape. But not of isolation. The appeal of Umbria therefore arises from the space guaranteed as much to art (every art, even that of living), as to nature, from the peace and serenity that permeates the activities of today and of the past.

The Etruscans, the Romans and the feudal families left traces everywhere of their fondness for this unique land, where the history of man rains with pleasing consistency from everywhere. In Umbria, the water are highly valued. Like the Lago Trasimeno, the first lake basin of central Italy, bordered by the remains of Etruscan civilisation. The Cascate delle Marmore, for example, are amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe, with a height of 165 metres.The most common form of human community in Umbria is the village, preferably anchored to the side of a hill, defying gravity. Also, the main capitals have not renounced their frank and beneficial characteristic of expanded village. And this weighs heavily on relationships between people.

Assisi is the praise of holiness, Perugia intertwines spirit with reason to produce culture, Orvieto enhances the stylistic rigour through the gothic style; Bevagna and Spello renounce the Nativity, Gubbio dismisses the religious message in an urban and social setting from defined outlines; Spoleto commands respect from the height of the cyclopean walls and the summits of culture.

After so much talk of soul, let’s talk about the local palate: the base dish is pasta, but at the table we find many cereals, meats and speciality meats like the ancient prosciutto of Norcia and salami, and plenty of wild boar; then there are olives, locally produced extra virgin olive oil, fish from Lago Trasimeno and porchetta.

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