It was back in 1982, when Turbanitalia began to believe and invest in tourism.

In all these years, many things have changed, but the passion and love for our lands remained unchanged.
First destination was Turkey and, for the past 32 years, Turbanitalia issued the more complete brochure dedicated to that place, including stays in Istanbul, a wide choice of guided tours, fly & drive, stays at sea and gulet cruises.

After all these years, punctuated by important results, the operator has decided to renew both from the point of view of the image and from the point of view of the product, with the proposal of new solutions related to Turkey, the introduction of a system for online reservations (allowing to build packages with flights, hotels and services across Europe) and the introduction of new destinations such as Oman, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Emirates and.............ITALY.

That's why TIME brand has been created.

These developments , however, will not cause changes in the philosophy of TIME that has been, is and will always be based on the concept of " affordable quality ". In fact continue to offer personalized trips and original at the same time prove to be competitive in the market and therefore not reserved only to a small elite of people.

During the whole year organized tours are dedicated to discover Italy's culture, which also represent the strength of the T.O.: routes are very well kept , sometimes thematic , involving days full of sightseeing.

The passion for travel pushes to work with commitment and dedication to ensure that a holiday is an unforgettable experience and customers are not just spectators of a place, but are part of it , taking in the atmosphere. The aim is to offer the best to visitors who over the years have learned to know and to believe in TIME and the people who will decide in the future to rely on the operator for their holidays.

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